In 2019, I transitioned from being a writing coach to a full-time freelance editor, and I’ve found a real passion for it. The patterns of a story and the intentions of the author are irresistible for me. Because of the amazing network of writers I’ve become part of, I work mostly with INFJs (MBTI type), and memoirs have become my specialty. I consider each one of my authors dear friends, and the level of closeness I have with them through their important work is the best part of what I do.

A common frustration I’ve found among the authors that I work with is a struggle with traditional editors. They end up having their voices altered or muted by the rules of strict logic, and it hinders the brilliance of their creativity. Frustrated and feeling alienated for needing a deeper connection, they find their way to me. If this resonates with you, or you are looking for an editor with an empathetic approach, I invite you to read on.

What does a freelance copy editor do?

Well, most people know an editor goes through your manuscript to find grammatical and spelling errors, helping you polish your creative child into something publish-ready. There are generally different people for proofreading, beta reading, and copy/developmental editing, but I’ve found that including them all in my editing has been the most rewarding for my authors and my relationships with them.

As my previous “coaching” page said, I deal a lot in emotions, feelings, and intuition. Those were integral to my coaching, and I’ve found they are even more important for editing. Plot hole, grammar, and spelling fixes are all fine and good, but the emotional connection to a story–and especially between the author and I–is imperative for character integrity, plot progression, story continuity, and all the little details that make your story special. Most importantly, it helps me to preserve the author’s unique voice.

If you go with me, you are agreeing to a partnership. We will work together closely and I will be there to support and encourage you with a relaxed and gentle approach, help you out of writing/editing difficulties with promotion of honest introspection, listen without judgment to your story and life problems alike, and coax out your natural intuition to bring out the best in your story. This isn’t simply letters on a page in an appropriate configuration. Your manuscript is a piece of your soul, and preserving its voice is the most important part of my job.

So far, I’ve coached and edited for authors of memoirs, high fantasy, science fiction fantasy, and one YA coming-of-age fantasy, but I am open to pretty much all genres. That being said, my approach won’t work for everyone. If you’re all logic, all the time, we might not mesh. If you’re rolling your eyes as you rummage about my site, trust your gut (or, rather, your head) and find someone who will be a better fit. I’ll be here rooting for your success no matter what.

If you’re nodding as you read my words (I see you INFJs, INFPs, and other HSPs), please step into my virtual office. There are warm treats and drinks, a comfy chair, and a cozy creative space where no idea goes unheard.

Beta reading: This will be offered separately from editing for a smaller fee, but editing includes the elements of beta reading. I have a positive relationship as a beta reader for several published authors and can give you notes on story, structure, continuity problems, character development, etc. I may point out basic typos or grammar issues, but this is NOT editing.

Copy Editing: I started offering this because of the increasing amount of writers (especially self-publishing authors on a budget) needing access to an editor with a more reasonable cost and an empathetic approach. My pricing is based on the individual manuscript, with the cost calculated for the estimated time and level of editing needed. The average range for a 100,000 word MS is $0.008-$0.01 per word (this price is dependent on how time-consuming the project will be), but I am willing to negotiate and offer payment plans. The editing process generally takes me 3-6 weeks, but may take more or less depending on the MS. Please keep in mind, although my English language skills are quite proficient, I do not have an English degree. I considered it as an option, once upon a time, but was so tired of writing for classes that I went the Medical Lab Science route instead. Now, here I am, writing and editing for a living. Life is funny that way.

For a quote on an editing job, the prospective client must send me no less than 3,000 words (preferably the entire MS, but I understand some may not feel comfortable with that until a partnership is made). This allows me to estimate the amount of editing necessary in order to give a price. If desired, I can also do a “test” edit of those 3,000 words, so you can get a feel for my editing approach.

Unless you and I have worked out alternative payment arrangements, 75% of the full amount is due before I begin, with the rest due after you’ve looked over the edits when I’m done.

After you’ve looked over my work and paid the rest of the fee, you can go through the edits more in-depth and “accept/reject” them before sending the document back to me for a final sweep to catch remaining errors.

  • Please email me for pricing*

*Payment plans and alternative pricing can be discussed.

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