January 2019

The Return

Small Update 5

December 2018

November 2018

November Week 1

The Devil is in the Details

October 2018

October Update

October Week 2

October Week 3October’s End

September 2018

Small Update 4

The Missionary

The Ego of the First Draft

The (Necessary) Evil: Red Pen

August 2018

The Layers of Meaning

Book Review: “Echo Volume 1”

Book Review: “Between the Shadow and Lo”

The Second Thoughts

July 2018

The Happy Medium

The Critic

Small Update 2

The Conversation

The Lesson

Book Review: “Blessed Are the Weird”

Small Update 3

June 2018

The Perception

The Help

The Broken

The Feeling

The Next Step

The Insanity

The Book Cover!

May 2018

The Judgement…

The Guilty

The Imposter

Small Update

The Art of Invisibility

Book Review: “Firefly Magic”


April 2018

Starting Positive

Choosing Your Passion

The Sponge